A footnote on Princess Budhson

Shahu II

Shahu II

In a recent post, I described the descent of my great-aunt Boodie (Florence Teasdale Smith) from an Indian Princess. Princess Budhson (was the daughter of Raja Shahu II Bhonsle (1763 – 3 May 1808), who was the titular Chhatrapati (emperor) of the Maratha Empire, and his third wife Rani Shrimant Akhand S Gunwatabai.

The Ancestry database India, Select Births and Baptisms, 1786-1947 (1) contains an index entry for the marriage of Henry Crawshay Teasdale to “Native Woman Buh’Hson”. The same name is cited on the birth certificate for her daughter Emma. Her name is also variously given as Budhson or Bakshan in various sources and family trees. I did a google search for names in the district of Satara in the Maharashtra state in Western India and found “Bakshan” but no mention of the other two variants. So perhaps Bakshan was the currect version of her name.

Ellen Teasdale

Ellen Teasdale

Emma Mary Teasdale

Emma Mary Teasdale

Major Henry Crawshay Teasdale(1801-1843) and Princess Buh’Hson (1803-1831) had three children Ellen Teasdale (1825-1895), Emma Mary Teasdale (1825-) and Henry Jackson Teasdale (1830-1870). As Emma was born in May 1825, it is likely that she and Ellen (from whom my Aunty Boodie is descended) were twins.


11 thoughts on “A footnote on Princess Budhson

  1. Hi
    Assume you also have come across Henry Crawshay Teasdale’s portrait – you will find it on the ancestry. There is also some documents relating to him

    • Major Henry Crawshay Teasdale( 1801-1843) served with the 125 th Regiment Napier Rifles and was killed in the battle of Miani 1843 The event was marked by a large stone monument that still exists and as a relative of said Major I would like to know where to obtain images of any inscription that records this fact
      Andrew Arthur Matthews

    • Hello Mopana
      As you have posted on this site am I to assume you are related to CM or at least have an interest in his family ?
      If so I would be most interested to get in touch as I am related to the Teasdale’s via my grandfather Captain Arthur George Teasdale Matthews MBE

  2. Ellen was my great great great grandmother I think – we have an original of the miniature in which she’s wearing the blue dress at home….

    • Pleased to have contact with a direct descendant of Ellen Teasdale. I am not a descendant, my Aunt Boodie was a great-aunt by marriage. But I have fond memories of her from my childhood, and stories of her eccentricity from my father. One of my earlier posts on her involvement with theosophy includes some of these stories. I am always keen to learn more about her and her Indian ancestry, if you have any other information to share. Regards, Colin

  3. Hi Folks. I am very interested in the above comments. Ellen Teasdale was my great great grandmother, born in Cochin and emigrated to Australia. Her daughter, Georgiana, was mother to my grandmother, Muriel, who settled in England.


    • Hello Paul,
      Nice to hear from you and it’s always most interesting to learn how the Teasdale family story continues to uncover new connections

  4. Before I married I was a Teesdale Smith – a direct descendant of Ellen Teesdale Smith. I have paintings of Ellen and George that hang in our dining room.

    • Dee, thanks for making contact. I am curious about your paintings. I came across images of Ellen and George on Stephen Wayne’s public family tree on Ancestry.com a few years back. He describes these portraits as painted in India at the time of her wedding to George and are from the Art collection of Stephen W Smith. I wonder whether you have these or different paintings? Regards, Colin

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