Admiration: a post from Irene Waters

My Dad is a person I have admired from before the time I first knew him. My Dad had a wonderful sense of humour. His childhood and university days were full of harmless pranks and the nicest sound I can remember is my Dad reading or listening to the radio when something would tickle his sense of humour making him laugh out loud, infecting anyone within hearing.

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2 thoughts on “Admiration: a post from Irene Waters

  1. i am doing geneaology on my dads side he was estel mather ihave gone back to alexander 1775 your research is very interesting i want to know more thank you found by accident we are coming to Scotland in October Marilyn mather archer my ancesters came to us from Canada to settle in iowa and ohio

    • Have a great trip. There is a post about the names Mather and Mathers on my blog, some years ago. The name Mather is associated with northern England, and comes from the occupation “mower” whereas Mathers is more associated with Scotland and Ireland, and I am not sure whether it comes from the same source. I also have some posts about the villages of Mathers on the east coast of Scotland, where I found the ruins of the “Caim of Mathers”, the Mathers castle. Very romantic location on a cliff on the ocean. There were a lot of Mathers and Mather (s) who went to USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Cotton Mather is a famous US Mather. Regards, Colin

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