Sunset on the Noosa River

We visited family in Noosa last month. Noosa is a resort area on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, about 150 km north of Brisbane. One afternoon we hired a small motorboat in Noosaville and went down the Noosa River towards Noosa Bar where the river joins the ocean.

Near the mouth of the river with the ocean, there is a spit made from very large sandbags, to protect the nearby “dog” beach from erosion, as the tidal currents here can be quite strong.  We anchored the boat here and went for a swim in the river, with some jumping and diving off the spit.

Looking back up river towards Noosaville.

Winter in Noosa (though the water temperature is still quite reasonable for swimming) means that the sun sets around 5.30 pm, and we were treated to some spectacular sunset lighting.

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