The jet d’eau of Geneva

The jet d’eau (jet of water) is a famous Geneva landmark, situated just off the shore of Lake Leman near the centre of Geneva and its old town. The original jet d’eau was a pressure release mechanism for the Geneva water supply in the 19th century. When engineering improvements made it obsolete, the City of Geneva decided to make the jet a tourist attraction. The current version was installed in 1951 and sends the water plume to a height of 140 m (460 feet). Its two pumps expel 500 litres of water per second at a speed of 200 km/hour.

2 thoughts on “The jet d’eau of Geneva

  1. What a lively sight that is. I used to love staying at expensive hotels in Geneva courtesy of Swiss Bank Corporation. I’m not sure I ever did much for them in return. I have to say I prefer Zurich and its equally beautiful lake but perhaps I am just more German than French.

  2. Yes, my first trip to Geneva was courtesy of the Australian taxpayer to attend a meeting at World Health Organization. They put me up in an expensive hotel on the lake front opposite the jet d’eau. Whatever German I knew has been replaced by French, so its always a little more stressful for me to venture north of the Rösti line.

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