The Maroochy Wetlands

While in Australia recently, I took my boys on a trip up the Maroochy River into the Maroochy wetlands. We had all enjoyed our canoe trip into the Noosa Everglades the previous year ( but this time we had a solar-powered canoe. The solar panel charges a battery that runs an electric outboard motor. It produces a reasonable speed and is very quiet. And we certainly appreciated the ease of gliding upriver without effort.

My mother told me that she and my father had done a boat trip up the Maroochy River with two of their friends in the years before I was born. Although it is winter in Australia, the day was sunny with scattered clouds, making for beautiful reflections as we headed upstream.


As we got further upriver, we headed into Coolum Creek and continued until the water became too shallow for the canoe. Turning around, we headed back downriver to the Maroochy wetlands, an extended area of mangrove swamp, and went for a walk through the mangroves.