Spring skiing at Verbier

Last weekend of March, temperatures definitely spring-like in the valley, around 20 C.  Headed up to Verbier with the boys for some spring skiing. Verbier is one of the higher ski areas, the highest point is Mont Fort at 3300 m, from which it is 1800 vertical descent to Verbier village.

Two boys on the piste at around 2500 m.

Two boys on the piste at around 2500 m.

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Looking up the Valais towards the Dents du Midi


Of all the photos I’ve taken in Switzerland, this is one of my favorites. Its taken from the balcony of Hotel Victoria in Glion, a village above Montreux on the northern end of Lake Leman. The Rhone flows down the Valais (towards which we are looking) into Lake Leman and then flows out of the lake at the other end, in Geneva.

The snow-capped mountains in the distance are the Dents du Midi (height 3257 metres  or 10,686 feet). Beyond the Dents du Midi are Verbier and the Grand Saint Bernard Pass into Italy.